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2019-2020 Fall/Winter HAHL Registration


  • Premier League/Silver/Bronze/Bronze B/Bronze C: Monday - Friday
  • Weekend League: Saturday - Sunday
  • 23 game regular season; 24 game guarantee.
  • We can accommodate requests with scheduling within reason.
  • Everyone makes playoffs.
  • All games will be 12(stop)-12(stop)-18(running) min periods.
  • All games tied at the end of regulation go into a sudden death shootout to determine a winner. 
  • Playoffs are single elimination and the final is best of 3.
  • All players must be 18+ years old and USA Hockey registered.
  • All games at HarborCenter.


  • Premier/Silver/Bronze/Bronze B Leagues: $5250 discount price if paid by first game: $5500 full price if paid after first game
  • Weekend League: $4000 discount price if paid by first game: $4250 full price if paid after first game
  • ****All prices include ref fees/scorekeeper fees/parking fees.
  • 716 Exclusive League Specials


  • Premier - Strongest division. Many ex college and pro players with current college/pro players.
  • Silver - 2nd strongest division, younger division, many ex college players.
  • Bronze - Very competitive but a little older. 
  • Bronze B- Also competitive, a lower level than Bronze.
  • Bronze C - Recreational level. 
  • Weekend - Top division for the weekend.
  • Weekend B - Our second division for the weekend, recreational level.


  • August 16: Deadline To Register
  • September 30: League Starts
  • September 17th & 19th: Captains Meeting @ 716

HAHL Individual Player Registration:

  • Looking for a team this fall, register below to place your name on our free agent list
  • See link below for details


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